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BILIE Human Rights Initiative(BHRI) is an International Human Rights Charity that advocates for the Rights of the Indigenous People of Biafra all over the world. We are a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1172869.



BILIE is championing for the Freedom and Human Rights of the Indigenous People of Biafra as stated below:

To promote human rights (as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent United Nations conventions and declarations) throughout the world by all or any of the following means:

(1) Monitoring abuses of human rights;

(2) Obtaining redress for the victims of human rights abuse;

(3) Relieving need among the victims of human rights abuse;

(4) Research into human rights issues;

(5) Providing technical advice to government and others on human rights matters;

(6) Raising awareness of human rights issues;

(7) Promoting public support for human rights;

(8) Promoting respect for human rights among individuals and corporations;

(9) International advocacy of human rights

Current work

In furtherance of our objectives we have done the following for the Indigenous People of Biafra

  1. Instituted the lawsuit filed at the Federal High Court Owerri

  2. International diplomacy and engagement with the UN, AU and EU

  3. Presented a Memorandum to the British Parliamentarians in 2017/18 on the Permanent Solution to the Nigeria Biafra conundrum


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